TICO Brand story

TICO Building your Dreams!

Established in 2010, TICO is the registered brand mark of our mini building brick, a mini building brick can be as small as 4x4x5 mm while also can be built as big as a vessel made up of 3,800 mini building bricks, the techniques and originality are much higher and more diversified.
To make sure the completeness of product concept and the quality, the design of product sample, the planning of combination of bricks, even the confirmation of mold parameter and the shooting of Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS), all the process from design, development, manufacture and package is completed in Taiwan, and the use of precise shooting machines from Germany and Japan for the production, these are the keys of TICO maintaining the stability, quality of mini building bricks and product originality. TICO can produce round shaped mini building bricks without limitation of angle!

TICO, Building a stronger connection and sharing the happiness.

The original spirit of TICO starts from the emotional link between people, building the mini bricks to deliver idea, deliver memory, deliver sense of identity and even stronger sense of emotional resonance among everyone.